Mission Statement

To provide our clients with an efficient , cost effective, accurate solution for their Drafting requirements using the latest state-of-the-art technology.


CADWorks is a Drafting Bureau formed in 1994 as a direct result of the increasing demand by industry to find ways to reduce costs and keep up with rapidly changing technologies. Out sourcing of drafting enables companies to concentrate their recourse's and expenditure on their core activity, without the pressure of employing additional staff and providing additional computer software and hardware for peak loads. CADWorks provides a multi-discipline Drafting service offering Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil drafting. CADWorks is in the position of being able to increase recourses quickly if required to cover larger contracts or peak workloads at short notice.

Our business is drafting and we are constantly updating our hardware and software to keep up with the constantly changing technologies of our industry. Our staff is required to keep up to date with new drafting standards and software. This enables our clients to constantly receive the cost benefits of new higher speed hardware and more powerful software at NO EXTRA COSTS.


CADWorks your VIRTUAL drawing office.

CADWorks can provide your company with a complete electronic drawing office solution, with our experienced draftspeople either in our office, your office or remote on site.

CADWorks can host, maintain and support your project documentation through our Documentation and Data Management system.

We can provide you with 24 hour access to your electronic drawings and project data in a well maintained, secure server. This information is quickly accessed from your office desktop or remote user anywhere in the world over the Internet.

By allowing CADWorks to be your VIRTUAL drafting and document management office you can now FOCUS your time, recourse's and money on your CORE business.


Advantages of the CADWorks Dynamic Business Structure

CADWorks through a dynamic business structure and new electronic technologies has been able to significantly reduce our own running and overhead costs, thus enabling us to pass on these cost savings directly to our clients. See our  RATES  profile.

Our business structure and new technologies has also enabled us to quickly provide drafting solutions to most areas of the world.


Using CADWorks Services

CADWorks drafting services can be offered to you in one of the following ways:

  1. In our Office - If you have direct access to one of our offices.
  2. In your Office - CADWorks can provide our experienced drafting staff, with or without computer equipment and drafting software in your office, if we are in your area.
  3. Remote - Use CADWorks as a virtual office from anywhere in the world via Internet.
  4. Satellite Office - CADWorks can set up a remote draftsperson or full project team. With laptop computers, mobile phones, e-mail, Internet access and our remote document management system, we are able to quickly set up a productive drafting service.

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