Field Measurements, Digital Photography & Drawing Updates
If you don't have up-to-date drawings, accuracy is a must or as-constructed drawings need to be provided for project completion then CADWorks offers a complete As-built service using experienced Architectural, Structural or Mechanical survey staff.
CADWorks provides this As-built service for any discipline.

The latest survey and measuring equipment is used to accurately measure and locate all existing items.

CADWorks will do a complete field survey/measure and draw from new or amend existing drawings to provide you with accurate documentation.

An extensive digital photographic record (if required) can be taken and linked to specific areas of the electronic drawing, thus providing you with a visual and database record for each specific component.

Asset and Facility Management

Electronic drawings can be more than lines on paper

CADWorks can field measure and provide electronic drawings with tagged database information, linking specific information to specific symbols on your electronic drawings.

This gives you the fingertip control to safely manage all office, building or plant Assets and Facilities.

For example, A drawing can have a database attached to different items allowing you to quickly monitor equipment history, serial numbers, component technical information, maintenance history and photo libraries.

Also, if that item, (telephone, computer, pump, valve, process pipe or vessel, etc.) is relocated and reused elsewhere, then when moved on the drawing all associated information will be updated to the new position.


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